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#Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick (3pcs) (Options) (£0.50/each)

#Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick (3pcs) (Options) (£0.50/each)
Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick (3pcs) (Options) 01 Oranglique 01 Oranglique 02 Coquelic'oh! 02 Coquelic'oh! 03 VIPeach 03 VIPeach 05 Fucshiamallow 05 Fucshiamallow 06 Cherry Leaders 06 Cherry Leaders 07 Plum Plum Pidou 07 Plum Plum Pidou 08 Carameli Melo 08 Carameli Melo
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Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick (3pcs)


Lipstick from Bourjois. Bourjois' Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick is sold in retail packs of 3pcs.

Description from Bourjois: 

  • Jumbo lip crayon providing radiant colour with a glossy finish
  • Non-sticky formula ideally melts with the lips
  • Enhanced by silk extract to hydrate the lips
  • SPF 15 protects the lips from UVA and UVB rays
  • Up to 10-hour hold and hydration

Please note this product has Multi-lingual packaging!

Options: 01 Oranglique, 02 Coquelic'oh!, 03 VIPeach, 05 Fucshiamallow, 06 Cherry leaders, 07 Plum Plum Pidou, 08 Carameli Melo.

WAS £3.75 / 3pcs = £1.25 / each

NOW £1.50 / 3pcs = £0.50 / each

Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick (3pcs) - Wholesale Pack

  • Cosmetic Brand: Bourjois
  • Cosmetic Range: Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet
  • Cosmetic Type: Lipstick, Lip Make Up
  • Size: 2.4g
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • Wholesale Pack: 3x Lipstick
  • Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 1

Price for 3pcs.

RRP £8.99/each

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  1.50 GBP ~ New Available online and in stock. 2021-09-19
  Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick (3pcs)
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