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#Beauty UK Lipstick (Options) (BE2114)

#Beauty UK Lipstick (Options) (BE2114)
Beauty UK Lipstick (3pcs) (Options) (£0.50/each) (BE2114) Beauty UK Lipstick - Innocent (BE2114/1) Beauty UK Lipstick - Snob (BE2114/3) Beauty UK Lipstick - Tango (BE2114/4) Beauty UK Lipstick - Sunset (BE2114/5) Beauty UK Lipstick - Vampire (BE2114/6) Beauty UK Lipstick - In The Buff (BE2114/7) Beauty UK Lipstick - Naughty (BE2114/8) Beauty UK Lipstick - Gossip Girl (BE2114/9) Beauty UK Lipstick - Passion (BE2114/10) Beauty UK Lipstick - Chelsea (BE2114/12) Beauty UK Lipstick - Darkness (BE2114/13) Beauty UK Lipstick - Son Of A Peach (BE2114/15) Beauty UK Lipstick - Pink My Ride (BE2114/16) Beauty UK Lipstick - Plumalicious (BE2114/17) Beauty UK Lipstick - Ravenous (BE2114/18) Beauty UK Lipstick - Temptress (BE2114/19) Beauty UK Lipstick - Warrior (BE2114/20) Beauty UK Lipstick - Mystical (BE2114/21) Beauty UK Lipstick - Daredevil (BE2114/22)
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Beauty UK Lipstick (Options)


Lip Stick from Beauty UK. Beauty UK's Lipstick (Options) is sold individually.

Description from Beauty UK: 

Beauty UK Lipstick (Options) - Wholesale pack

  • Cosmetic Brand: Beauty UK
  • Cosmetic Range: Lipstick
  • Cosmetic Type: Lipstick, Lip Make Up
  • Size: 5g
  • Packaging: Loose
  • Wholesale Pack: 1 x Lipstick 
  • Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 1

Price each

RRP £5.00/each

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Tags: #SCS13993 Cosmetics #Beauty UK Lipstick (Options) (BE2114) by Beauty UK https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/Beauty%20UK%20Lipstick_BE2114_ShureCosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/innocent.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-3__snob_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-4_lipstick_no.4_tango_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-5_sunset_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-6_vampire_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-7_in_the_buff_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/naughty.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-9_gossip_girl_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-10_passion_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-12_chelsea_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-13_darkness_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/son%20of%20a%20peach.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-16pink_my_ride_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-17_lipstick_no.17_plumalicious_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-18_ravenous_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-19_temptress_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-20_lipstick_-_warrior_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-21_lipstick_-_mystical_shurecosmetics_900.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/be2114-22_lipstick_-_daredevil_shurecosmetics_900.jpg
  0.50 GBP ~ New Available online and in stock. 2024-05-28
  Beauty UK Lipstick (Options)
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