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Looking for wholesale prices for branded   nail products  . Shure Cosmetics is a wholesale company specialising in branded and unbranded cosmetics, accessories, skin care and perfumes. Brands stocked include Max factor, Maybelline, Rimmel, Bourjois, L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, Astor, W7, Sally Hansen, CCUK, La Femme , Saffron, Gallery, Laval , Garnier, Olay, Nivea, Roc, and more . Wholesale trade only.


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#Beauty UK Halal Water Permeable Nail Polish (Options)
SKU: SCS09275
£1.50 (€1.67)

Beauty UK Holographic Nail Polish (Options)
SKU: SCS10645
£0.20 (€0.22)

Beauty UK Nail Polish (2-50)
SKU: SCS10280
£0.30 (€0.33)

Bourjois Le Duo Gel Nail Polish (2pcs Set) (Options) R427
SKU: SCS07195
£2.25 (€2.50)

Bourjois Le Top Coat Colour & Shine Gel (0207)
SKU: SCS10378
£1.25 (€1.39)
Eveline 6in1 Colour Nail Conditioner - Rose (3pcs) (7469) (£0.50/each)
SKU: SCS06845
£1.50 (€1.67)
L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish (24pcs) Assorted (£0.50/each) R432
SKU: SCS10792
£12.00 (€13.36)
L'Oreal Nail Care Nail Polish (12pcs) (Assorted) (£1.10/each) R430
SKU: SCS10794
£13.20 (€14.69)
Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer (12pcs) (Assorted) (£1.25/each)
SKU: SCS11826
£15.00 (€16.70)
Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer (Options)
SKU: SCS10124
£1.75 (€1.95)

Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish (24pcs) (Assorted) (£0.75/each)
SKU: SCS11894
£18.00 (€20.04)
Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish - 05 Top Coat (8161)
SKU: SCS11924
£0.75 (€0.83)
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (12pcs) (Assorted) (£0.60/each)
SKU: SCS11825
£7.20 (€8.01)
Nicole by OPI Nail Polish (24pcs) (Assorted) (£0.95/each)
SKU: SCS11895
£22.80 (€25.38)
Rimmel Assorted Nail Polish (24pcs) (£0.60/each)
SKU: SCS11484
£14.40 (€16.03)
Saffron Nail Pearls (12pcs) (Assorted) (£0.30/each) R396
SKU: SCS09845
£3.60 (€4.01)
Saffron Nail Polish - 19ml (Options)
SKU: SCS11966
£0.40 (€0.45)

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener (2pcs) - Z42496 R/426
SKU: SCS07632
£3.00 (€3.34)
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish (24pcs) (Assorted) (£0.80/each)
SKU: SCS11903
£19.20 (€21.37)
Technic Beauty Bible Make-Up Collection (998226) (Options) / CH117
SKU: SCS06720
£5.50 (€6.12)

W7 Magic Mirror Nail Varnish Kit (0072) D/19
SKU: SCS07576
£2.45 (€2.73)
W7 Well Gel Nail Varnish Set (6pcs) (£1.83/each) B/12
SKU: SCS10988
£10.95 (€12.19)
#Classics Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover (12pcs) (150ml-400ml)
SKU: SCS38951
£9.35 (€10.41)

#La Femme Nail Varnish (Options)
SKU: SCS40143
£0.47 (€0.52)

#Laval Nail Polish (All Options)
SKU: SCS06851
£0.50 (€0.56)

#London Girl Gel UV & LED Nail Polish (Options)
SKU: SCS47224
£0.80 (€0.89)

#London Girl Nail Polish Tray (24pcs) (£0.35/each) (Options)
SKU: SCS08112
£8.40 (€9.35)

#Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish (2pcs) (Options) (£1.35/each)
SKU: SCS09408
£2.70 (€3.01)

#Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish (Options)
SKU: SCS11643
£1.35 (€1.50)

#Saffron Gel Effect Colour & Top Coat (1-9)
SKU: SCS41751
£1.25 (€1.39)

#Saffron Nail Polish 1013 (1-84) (84 Options)
SKU: SCS10646
£0.45 (€0.50)

#Saffron Nail Polish Tray (24pcs) 1013 (Options) (£0.45/each)
SKU: SCS10648
£10.80 (€12.02)

#Saffron Ultra Nail Polish (102-112)
SKU: SCS40135
£0.46 (€0.51)

#Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2pc Top Coat & Nail Polish Set (Options)
SKU: SCS11904
£2.50 (€2.78)

#SensatioNail Color Gel Polish (Options) R344
SKU: SCS45484
£2.75 (€3.06)

Beauty UK Holographic Collection Nail Polish Set (3pcs) 2 Options R429
SKU: SCS45463
£1.75 (€1.95)

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