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#L. A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Palette (3pcs) (GES331-GES334) (£2.00/each) LA GIRL 16
SKU: SCS07144
£6.00 (€6.68)

#L. A. Girl Fineline Eyeliner (3pcs) (GLE719-GLE721) (£1.25/each) R388
SKU: SCS07145
£3.75 (€4.17)

#L. A. Girl Glazed Glossy Finish Lip Paint (3pcs) (GLG783-GLG797) (£0.75/each) LA GIRL 5
SKU: SCS07146
£2.25 (€2.50)

#L. A. Girl Glide Gel Pencil Eyeliner (3pcs) (GP351-GP369) (£0.75/each)
SKU: SCS07147
£2.25 (€2.50)

#L. A. Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner (3pcs) (GLE712-GLE715) (£1.75/each) LA GIRL 9
SKU: SCS07164
£5.25 (€5.84)

#L. A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick (3pcs) (GLC801-GLC826) (£1.00/each) LA GIRL 12
SKU: SCS07149
£3.00 (€3.34)

#L. A. Girl Pro Contour Powder (3pcs) (GCP661-GCP668) (£1.25/each) LA GIRL 3
SKU: SCS07172
£3.75 (€4.17)

#L. A. Girl Ultimate Lip Liner (3pcs) (GP341-GP348) (£1.25/each) R389
SKU: SCS07151
£3.75 (€4.17)

#L. A. Girl Velvet Contour Stick (3pcs) (GCS582-GCS596) (£1.00/each) LA GIRL 1
SKU: SCS07152
£3.00 (€3.34)

L. A. Girl Beauty Brick Blush Palette (3pcs) (GBL571-GBL574) (£1.91/each) LA GIRL 17
SKU: SCS07153
£5.75 (€6.40)

L. A. Girl Eye Lux Eyeshadow (3pcs) (GES461-GES471) (£1.25/each) LA GIRL 8
SKU: SCS07154
£3.75 (€4.17)

L. A. Girl Gel Liner Kit (3pcs) (GEL723 Dark Brown) (£1.25/each) LA GIRL 22
SKU: SCS07158
£3.75 (€4.17)
L. A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit (3pcs) (GES341-GES343) (£2.00/each) LA GIRL 14
SKU: SCS07161
£6.00 (€6.68)

L. A. Girl Inspiring Eyeshadow Palette (3pcs) (GES335-GES340) (£2.00/each) LA GIRL 15
SKU: SCS07162
£6.00 (€6.68)

L. A. Girl Just Blushing (3pcs) (GBL481-GBL496) (£1.25/each) LA GIRL 2
SKU: SCS07163
£3.75 (€4.17)

L. A. Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation (3pcs) (GLM642-GLM655) (£3.00/each) LA GIRL 10
SKU: SCS08622
£9.00 (€10.02)

L. A. Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder (3pcs) (GPP601-GPP614) (£1.25/each) LA GIRL 13
SKU: SCS07150
£3.75 (€4.17)

L. A. Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil (3pcs) (GB351-GB360) (£1.00/each) R387
SKU: SCS07176
£3.00 (€3.34)

L. A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder (3pcs) (GSP621-GSP632) (£1.83/each) LA GIRL 19
SKU: SCS07177
£5.50 (€6.12)

L. A. Girl Ultimate Eye Liner (3pcs) (GP321-GP328) (£1.25/each) R390
SKU: SCS07174
£3.75 (€4.17)

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