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Coronavirus Update

operational changes due to Coronavirus This page contains regular updates and notices relating to our operations in the wake of the current virus pandemic. Where possible all information is accurate and up to date.

However, the last few weeks have shown that things can and do change very rapidly. Domestic (UK) orders may experience unexpected delivery delays despite the best of intentions by our carriers and international deliveries can vary widely from day to day.

Saturday 02-05-2020: Online orders available from Monday 4th May

Online orders
In order to protect our workforce our London based warehouse and offices have been closed since the UK lockdown was introduced. However, we are planning to take online orders for domestic UK and most European destinations from Monday 4th May (Star Wars Day). Warehouse collections will be available by arrangement and international orders outside Europe are not yet possible.

We will be operating restricted hours and will be open between 12:00 and 16:00 Mon-Fri. Obviously, we ask customers to allow for possible delays given the current situation.

Existing orders
All unpaid orders have been cancelled and will need to be re-ordered on the new site. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you are waiting for a fully paid order, then please use the link below for further advice.

It was not possible to transfer order history across to the new software. If you require an invoice for a previous order then please contact us.
Our contact page

Thursday 30-04-2020: Software and server update

During the current Coronavirus pandemic we have taken the opportunity to update our online sales platform and move to a new faster server with more resources. Superficially, there are very few changes and you should be able to navigate the site as normal.

Creating your account on the new platform
Our existing customer data was not directly compatible and rather than rely on "best efforts" to convert existing data, we are asking customers to create new user accounts.

You will need to enter email, name and address details as well as phone and if applicable your VAT number. This can be done as you checkout with your next order, or in advance by using the register link which can be found at the top of our web pages. Please note that customers who have been exempt from VAT charges must register a new user account in advance of placing an order, so that we can validate their details with the VIES service before an initial order is placed.

If you experience any difficulties creating your new user account then please contact our support team who will do their very best to assist.

VAT Exemptions (Intra-EU)
Where a delivery is exported within the EU area and the customer is VAT registered, they can request VAT exemption against their orders. However, all such requests are subject to validation against the VIES system.

We ask that these customers enter their VAT number as they create their profile and do one of the following:

  1. Send a mail asking that their VAT number is validated prior to placing an order
  2. Or place a note on their initial order which will be updated as it is processed

If an intial order is placed before your VAT number is validated, then your original order will, show VAT until your exemption is updated. Once your order is completed, your updated invoice will show correct details. Once validated, future orders will not show VAT assuming on export to the EU. Please ensure that you use bank transfer as payment method. Note that VAT rules may be subject to change depending on forthcoming UK/EU trade agreements.