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Essie Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)

Essie Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)
Essie Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options) 79 Sand Taupe 568 Drive-In & Dine 608 Serene Slate 695 Friends Forever 715 You're A Catch 753 Pjammin' All Night 813 All Dolled Uo 814 Jingle Belle 815 Toiy To The World 816 Don't Kid Yourself 817 Lucite of Reality 818 Glee-For-All 826 Pretty In Ink 827 Under Locket & Key 828 Love-Note Worthy 829 Respond With A Kiss 830 Quill You Be Mine 831 Sing Songbird Along 832 Well Nested Energy 833 Flight Of Energy 834 Spring Awakening 835 Stretch Your Wings 836 Keep Branching Out 843 Coconut For You 845 Revenge's A Beach 847 Break It Sundown 848 Set The Tiki Bar High
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Essie Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)


Nail Polish from Essie. Essie's Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options) is sold individually.

Description from Essie: 

Express your personality and slip into something colourful with the high-shine nail varnish from essie, the USA's nail salon expert since 1981. Its award-winning formula combines a crystal clear solvent base with pure micro-milled pigments and salon-grade concentration to create a long-lasting, chip-resistant array of hues.

Recognised for whimsical names, iconic colours and square bottles with white caps, the essie nail polish sits perfectly in the hand and features internal rounded corners so you can reach every last drop of your favourite shade. Its specially designed brush allows controlled, precise application for a mess-free, professional finish every time. E.N.

  • Smooth and elegant nail colour in essie's irresistible family of pinks to coordinate with any style for a polished everyday look
  • Treat yourself to your own expert manicure and nail design like a pro thanks to wide brush for precise and streak-free application, Can be combined with all essie base and top coats
  • Unique essie formula: Excellent coverage and durability, Professional chip protection, Strengthens nails
  • Choose from essie's huge range of creamy, shimmery, shiny, bold and neutral polishes, Easy and clean removal with standard nail polish removers

Options: 79 Sand Tropez, 568 Drive-In & Dine, 608 Serene Slate, 695 Friends Forever, 715 You're A Catch, 753 Pjammin' All Night, 813 All Dolled Up, 814 Jingle Belle, 815 Toy To The World, 816 Don't Kid Yourself, 817 Lucite of Reality, 818 Glee-For-All, 826 Pretty In Ink, 827 Under Locket & Key, 828 Love-Note Worthy, 829 Respond With A Kiss, 830 Quill You Be Mine, 831 Sing Songbird Along, 832 Well Nested Energy, 833 Flight of Fantasy, 834 Spring Awakening, 835 Stretch Your Wings, 836 Keep Branching Out, 843 Coconut For You, 845 Revenge's A Beach, 847 Break It Sundown, 848 Set The Tiki Bar High.

Essie Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options) - Wholesale Pack

  • Cosmetic Brand: Essie
  • Cosmetic Range: Nail Lacquer
  • Cosmetic Type: Nail Polish, Nail Products
  • Size: 13.5ml
  • Packaging: Loose
  • Wholesale Pack: 1x Bottle
  • Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 1

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RRP £8.99/each

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Product GTIN: 30145191 https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/s-l1600-155.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/79.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/568.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/608.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/695.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/715.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/753.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/813.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/814.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/815-02.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/816.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/817.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/818.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/826.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/827.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/828.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/829.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/830-03.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/831.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/832-01.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/833.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/834.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/835.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/836.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/843.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/845.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/847.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/848-01.jpg
  2.35 GBP ~ New Available online and in stock. 2024-04-21
  Essie Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)
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