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L'Oreal Age Perfect Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)

L'Oreal Age Perfect Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)
L'Oreal Age Perfect Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options) 110 Crystal 112 Blanc De Lune 116 Cafe De Nuit 220 Dinanche Apres-Midi 222 Jardin Dres Roses 224 Rose Ballet 228 Rose Bouquet 444 Orange Triomphe 552 Rubis Folies 556 Grenat Irreverent 558 Rouge Amour 660 l'Or
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L'Oreal Age Perfect Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)


Nail Polish from L'Oreal. L'Oreal's Age Perfect Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options) is sold individually.

Description from L'Oreal: 

'The Age Perfect Nail Varnishes have contemporary colours and brilliant illumination. They are easy to apply and do not expose to within a groove. Leaves smooth and shinier nails just like at the beauty salon. The high-quality formula contains caring oils, which protect the nails from drying out, break and get chipped. Pigmentation thanks to the high and one to two coats of varnish to get optimal results. In addition to the 8 colours there's a natural clear lacquer. Professional hint: The Age Perfect Nail Varnish can be with the age perfect lip colours combine. Explore the new decorative cosmetics brand, specially developed for mature skin age perfect of L 'Oréal Paris. With particularly moisturising and nourishing textures as well as expressive modern inks fulfil the products fulfil the needs of women that will say: The perfect age is now – here we are. "

  • Nail Polish Mitpflegeöl provides protection against dryness.
  • Brilliant Glow in the Dark Technology and nails and enhance shine
  • Smooths the pegs and set a will not get stuck in grooves Marquee
  • Many rich colours and a protective clear varnish
  • Perfectly with the age perfect lip colours can be combined

Options: 110 Crystal, 12 Blanc De Lune, 116 Cafe de Nuit, 220 Dimanche Apres-Midi, 222 Jardin Des Roses, 224 Rose Ballet, 228 Rose Bouquet, 444 Orange Triomphe, 552 Rubis Folies, 556 Grenat Irreverent, 558 Rouge Amour, 660 L'Or.

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L'Oreal Age Perfect Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options) - Wholesale Pack

  • Cosmetic Brand: L'Oreal
  • Cosmetic Range: Age Perfect
  • Cosmetic Type: Nail Polish
  • Size: 13.5ml
  • Packaging: Loose
  • Wholesale Pack: 1x Nail Polish
  • Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 1

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RRP £9.99/each

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Product GTIN: 30120594 https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/age%20perfect.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/110-20.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/112-06.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/116-02.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/220-08.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/222.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/224.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/228.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/444-01.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/552.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/556.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/558.jpg https://cdn3.shure-cosmetics.co.uk/images/D/660.jpg
  1.00 GBP ~ New Available online and in stock. 2024-06-20
  L'Oreal Age Perfect Nail Lacquer - 13.5ml (Options)
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